We’ve arrived!

A little late getting this blog rolling along, but better late then never!

Evan and I (Brian) arrived in St. John’s during the May long weekend after a 10,500 km drive across North America. Whenever the weather gets us down, we can think of the ridiculous heat of Death Valley California to make us feel better about it.

I got started right away on the “back meadow”, now called Murray Meadow. The other meadow I’ve leased is known as Charles’s meadow…the name of the man the meadow was bought from in 1815 by the first Patrick Murray. Charles had settled and began clearing it around the turn of the 19th century.

Murray Meadow is fairly rocky and has a number of shallow-soiled areas. The rocks aren’t too bad though and can be cleared out of beds as they are being prepared. Its great advantage is its access to water.

Murray Meadow

Charles’s meadow has a richer soil and substantially less rocks. Unfortunately it has no access to easy water but it has a nice south easterly slope.

Plowing Charles’s meadow…didn’t beat the dandelions.

Like being in Birds! They were eating all my worms.

Both have been now been tilled, as of today, and I am having the soil sampled for ph and lime recommendations before planting a cover of oats and clover for the summer.

Fence posts are up around half of Murray Meadow. Hopefully it will keep the moose out, of which I’ve seen four. If its not high enough I will add a solar powered electric wire (see http://www.electrobraid.com/wildlife/reports/WicksReport2.html)

Lots to do this summer…lime, seed, finish fencing, build a shed, build a cart, put up hoophouses, cut down the cover etc etc etc.