Visit to Hugh’s Pond Farm

Yesterday I had a great visit with Leo White whose hobby is farming about a third of an acre or so on Broad Cove road…his secret is lots of peat…he’s amended his soil with hundreds of bails of it…it acts as his irrigation as he doesn’t have an irrigation system, just the rain. The peat soaks up the rain and holds on to it, releasing it as things get drier…as we’re experiencing at the moment. I also learned from him that planting carrots between the onions and garlic keeps off the carrot rust fly…an apparently big problem here. His experiments using coffee grounds to distract the fly proved unsuccessful. I learned a few other things from him too; I’m glad I sought him out after seeing him on CBC’s Land and Sea. Leo plans to be at the St. John’s farmers market selling his carrots, lettuce, onions and garlic in July.

Forecast is for rain this Thursday through Sunday! Too bad about the non-farmers long weekend plans…but great for me and Leo!