Finally got rain at the end of a long week. Last Wednesday, normally our day off, turned into a seven hour evening shift when the 32 tonnes of lime arrived in the afternoon…we were just in town running some errands when we got the call. The truck driver was sitting on the highway, not sure whether to go North or South on Portugal Cove Road…we arrived with the truck on the farm, both of us running around in our bank appointment clothes and flip flops spreading tarps and directing the truck. After getting changed the two of us got about 3 tonnes of it spread onto Charles’s meadow with the tractor and a shovel. I spent the rest of the evening disking it all in.

The rest of the week was spent picking rocks and putting together the vegetable garden next to the store…summer and winter squash, cucumbers and tomatoes are in…all warm weather delicate crops now up against cool wet windy weather.

Weather, mind you, that is watering all the oat and clover seeded on both meadows on Monday…looking forward to seeing it sprout this week and being finished with the tractor for a few weeks!

A bit more seeding to do this week for the garden centre, planting more vegetables in the small garden and determining the location of the shed and building a foundation for it. Also have to plan for some crops like garlic that have to be planted this fall.