Hopefully Every Summer will be like this!

I know I’m spoiled coming from BC and thinking weather like this is “normal”, but even the weather here in Newfoundland lately is better than BC standards, at least compared to Vancouver Island. In the meantime we are still planning for the worst. I have one old 20×96 Hoophouse to put up and have our fingers crossed for funding from the government for another one or two…more than anything, these hoophouses will allow us to have more variety earlier and later for sale without worrying about the plants being frozen solid, buried in snow or hail or, as is happening now with our small vegetable garden, being flattened by the constant winds. We will also use the space between the hoophouses as a protected area for growing crops and plastic mesh safety/snow fencing with vines growing on it as windbreaks. Depending on funds, will also use what are known as low-tunnels for protection…they are like small temporary hoophouses that offer protection from the elements and bugs.

During the summer we can use the hoophouses for tomatoes and cucumbers.