Work is progressing…slowly

The beautiful summer weather continues, but it has cooled off a lot. Both meadows have had the oats and clover disked down and on Charles’ Meadow, I’ve reseeded it with white clover…still not sure what I’m going to do with that section. Image

Murray Meadow has been also been disked, the greenhouse footing is rebarred down and awaiting a hoophouse. Not sure when that is going to happen…or even if! I witnessed the power of Hurricane Leslie as it tore apart and crushed hoophouses at Murray’s…some thinking to be done on that but it would be a shame to waste $700 on 6x6x12s!

In the meantime, 10,000 square feet has been tilled, 4000 has raised beds and my 3500 overwintering onion seedlings are going in tomorrow!