Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and a Happy Local Veggie filled New Years! We’re taking a nice break from the farm and work, hiding from the weather and eating way too much great food. We hoped the hoophouses would be here by now but somehow the shipment has been delayed and they are being shipped out after New Years. They need to be up by the end of February, but the sooner the better. With a bit of help, we think we can have them up in two or three days. Can’t wait to get them done! After the end walls and plastic are on, it will end the construction phase of the farm and we can concentrate on our favourite things, dirt and plants!


And still, the work continues

The good news is the government approved our application to buy three hoophouses allowing us to get a lot of early and late production in next season! The bad news is they approved it the day before our first snow storm! Since then I’ve been working to get the 600 feet of 6×6 wood foundations (delivered right after the storm, resulting in the delivery truck getting stuck, taking out a section of fence, then pulled out with the tractor) more or less leveled and attached to the ground with rebar during the melts (shoveling mud).  With some help from Evan and Alan I got it done and am now just on my way to finish driving in the last few pieces of rebar for the last foundation. Next, I will attached the 300 or so bottom brackets to the foundations, after shoveling and sweeping the snow off. The frames should be arriving around New Years and am looking forward to even more of this inclement winter weather farming!

winter work