Warm days and Irrigation pipes

Who knew Evan was an irrigation expert? He put together all our irrigation before transplanting crops to be ready for this season’s third harvest, sometime in June. The second house is being planted up and hopefully we’ll have plastic on the third this week!

The garlic we planted last fall is coming up but no onions yet, I hope they made it through the winter…they were an experiment to see if they would overwinter here, like they do on the west coast. Time will tell. Unfortunately, the garlic won’t be for sale this year, I’m using it for seed for next year, but only a limited amount of it will be sold, as again, I will be using most of it for seed. By year three, I should have lots for sale! I’ll try some though and let you know how it is 😉


Evan doing irrigation things


Finishing touches



I’m obsessed with rock picking.


20130420-191311.jpgFirst plants in


20130420-191334.jpgKeeping the plants warm


20130420-191323.jpgGarlic shoots!