Finally an update, Facebook is just too convienient!

Its been a busy month for sure but being held back a bit. I’ve started planting lettuce and seeded beets radishes and arugula outside, but the weather is staying pretty cool. I’m hoping to start transplanting tomatoes into the coldframes soon too. Come on Newfoundland! Warm back up!

It hasn’t just been the weather holding me up though, organic fertilizer is being held up on the mainland, but I hear it is now waiting for the ferry. My tiller also broke while trying to break up some packed ground. Fortunately is was just some bolts and a bit of a bend that has been fixed. The special bolts are in the mail.

Soooo, with any luck, I’ll be back on track and trying to keep up with the demand. There are hundreds of tomatoes getting bigger and stronger and waiting patiently to be put in the ground. As well, hundreds of lettuce plants growing under lights will be enjoying the outdoors soon. Speaking of lettuce, if I do say so myself, the mixed salad greens we are growing are stunning and delicious.

Some great restaurants in town are using our produce and raving about it. Rocket Bakery has been really supportive of our venture since we first met one of the owners, Kelly Mansell back when we were here in 2011 for a visit. They can’t keep up with the demand for their kale salad. Hungry Heart Cafe was really pleased with their arugula, and Fixed Coffee and Bakery, a great busy little cafe is striving to source as much as possible from local sources. It is great to be a part of that. Check them out if you haven’t already and ask for something with a bit o’ Murray Meadows in it!

If you are interested in getting some produce before I have enough to offer at general sale on a regular basis, send an email to and I’ll let you know when and what is available!

Tomatoes! Lots of Tomatoes!

Tomatoes! Lots of Tomatoes!


Here comes the warm weather!

I’ve been enjoying balmy temperatures inside the coldframes these past few weeks…shorts and t-shirt weather in there. More Importantly, the plants have been enjoying it too! With the nice weather coming, I’m tempted to drop in some tomatoes, just a few to see how they do…

Speaking of tomatoes, off to transplant some out of the cell packs and into bigger pots. There are a lot! I’ll post a picture of them on the facebook page this afternoon.

Things are growing great!

Things are growing great!