Job Posting: Farm Manager Position 2019

We are looking to add a new position to our farm, a Farm Manager. It is our intention that it will be a permanent position on our farm, with the expectation that this person will become responsible for many of the day-to-day operational aspects of running our organic vegetable farm, including seed-starting, transplanting, soil fertility and structure management, cultivation, harvesting, post-harvest handling and packaging. This ideal applicant will possess an agricultural background from school and/or work-experience. Initially they will work with the owners to develop a crop scheme that builds on the farm’s six years of successful production. Providing regular updates to owners and overseeing of other farm-hands, the Farm Manager will ensure the execution of the cropping plan.

With the Farm Manager handing the operational aspects of the farm, the senior management will focus on the business’ continued expansion through increased market exploration and new production techniques. It is hoped that the selected employee will continue in this role in future years, as a permanent part of the management team of Murray Meadows Farm.

The position will provide for 40 hours of works per week at a wage rate of $15.00 per hour, plus the potential for production bonuses.

The Farm Manager will gain experience in overall farm management, including: the use of various tools and techniques for organically growing vegetables; plant disease and pest identification and treatment; soil fertility management; and the the supervision of subordinate employees. Additionally, the selected employee will gain experience in interpreting and modifying a cropping plan which is analyzed continuously to ensure harvest yields and profit targets are met.

It is expected that the employee will develop skills and gain experience in areas ranging from: farm equipment use; organic vegetable production techniques; plant disease/pest identification and treatment; soil fertility management; and staff task organizing and scheduling. Furthermore, it is hoped that that selected employee will gain insight into the modern market-farm business approach, including those that seek to minimize the cost-of-production, while still ensuring maximum yields per unit area.

Upon honing these skills and gaining the necessary experience the employee will be ensured a continued permanent position as part of the overall management team of Murray Meadows Farm.

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