Fresh Vegetable Updates via Email

Clipboard01This year, instead of a traditional pay-in-advance veggie hamper, or CSA program, we are going to let you choose what you want and how much of it. Every week, when we stock fresh picked organically grown vegetables into the display cooler at Murray’s Garden Centre we will send you an email with what’s available. It will be a set time, probably Thursdays. This will allow you to get ahead of the weekend crowds and get the freshest produce we have available. This year at Murray Meadows Farm we are continuing to grow more of your favorite vegetables, from everything you need for a fresh salad to a Sunday boil-up; plus we’re adding two more greenhouses for increased production of cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes! All of our vegetables are grown using organic methods, without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We use fertilizers made from Newfoundland fish waste and seaweeds and other certified organic soil inputs. We are proud to grow beautiful flavourful and healthy produce for you and your family. The first email will likely be near the end of May or beginning of June. Thank you for supporting small local farms.