Online Store Coming Soon

Well, there’s no point on going on about how 2020 events are affecting everything all of us do these days, it’s just the story of life now. At this point, the Farmers Markets are closed and so are most of the restaurants, both of which made up almost 100% of our sales last year. We are continuing on though, same as always, with a few adjustments, as far as planting and growing high quality vegetables for our customers.

Currently, as of April 16th, seedlings are started, greenhouses are being prepped and we should have produce ready for sale near the end of May, and all through the summer and into the fall. We will be planting more area then normal though, if the small farms like ours on the mainland are any indication, this could be a very busy year for us. Our good friends and farm partners Nezar and Emaad will be back this year to help with the expansion and are already anxious to get going.

We will be adding new crops this year being sought by the Syrian community, including more fava beans and cucumbers, marrow, eggplant, garden cress, and sorrel. Our regular crop selection this year will include green onions, radish, white turnip, beets, romaine, salad mix, various greens like tatsoi, spinach, chard, kale, pea shoots, arugula and mixed mustard greens. As the season progresses tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, turnip, potatoes and carrots.

We will be starting an Online Store with contactless pick-up shortly, the logistics of how it will run are still being worked out, but will likely start with a pick-up location at the Murray’s Garden Center. We may try to have one in town too, but that still needs to be worked out. Sign up above for updates. Feel free to send us any questions you have, or suggestions for crops you’d like to see us grow to

Hold on, stay safe and try to enjoy the downtime. This too shall pass.